Week 4 College Football Betting Tips

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College football betting tips for Week 4.

8-3 in week three of college football bets.

A 22-14 start to the season.

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Virginia vs. Syracuse (Friday) Betting Tips:

These two teams have had the opposite starts to the season, but I am selling high on Syracuse and buying low on Virginia tonight. Virginia is yet to cover a spread this season and I feel like this is one of those games where we’re getting an extra point or two because of that.

Syracuse took the offensive coordinator from Virginia in the off-season which I think is a plus for the Virginia defense. That loss has hurt Virginia QB Brennan Armstrong early, but he’s not as bad as he’s played and I expect something better tonight. Syracuse isn’t getting a lot of pressure on the quarterback which should allow him to operate.

Virginia +9.5

Baylor vs. Iowa State Betting Tips:

Maryland vs. Michigan Betting Tips:

Duke vs. Kansas Betting Tips:

A match-up of two undefeated primarily basketball schools should be a lot of fun as we are looking for potentially huge points here.

Kansas got their biggest win of the season last week over Houston when they “only” scored 48 points. That was their lowest of the season so even if they go 7-10 points less than their worst, we still have a lot of room to work with here.

Duke has scored 30+ in each of their games and they should do well against Kansas’ leaky defense, but they haven’t seen any offense anywhere close to this thus far.

This should be a shootout and it should absolutely rock.

Duke/Kansas Over 62.5

Clemson vs. Wake Forest Betting Tips:

Missouri vs. Auburn Betting Tips:

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Minnesota vs. Michigan State Betting Tips:

We went against Michigan State last week as they were being way overrated against Washington and now we go against them here for similar reasons. Minnesota has yet to play anyone, but they have been one of the best in the country on both offense and defense thus far. Good teams don’t mess around when playing bad teams. They get it done and that is absolutely what Minnesota has done.

Minnesota -3
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Notre Dame vs. North Carolina Betting Tips:

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Florida vs. Tennessee Betting Tips:

This is one of the biggest games of the week. Tennessee is a big favorite, but Florida has dominated them with wins in each of the past five seasons.

Tennessee has looked good thus far with the big win at Pittsburgh. I’m a big fan of Hendon Hooker who has gotten off to a great start thus far. Florida does have a good secondary though and with some key receiver injuries he could be slowed a bit.

The key to this game for both teams is Anthony Richardson. He was electric in week one and go so much hype for his performance, but he hasn’t been that guy in the last two games. His stock was so high after that first week and now it is incredibly low. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle and I think he shows more of that upside here. Tennessee’s game against Pittsburgh saw some huge gains on the ground against them which is the key for Florida.

I do think Tennessee can get the monkey off their back and win this one, but it won’t be easy and 10.5 feels like way too much.

Florida +10.5

Oregon vs. Washington State Betting Tips:

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M Betting Tips:

This game should be a ton of fun and it’s one where I think we finally see some fireworks out of the Texas A&M offense. Not because of a personnel change, but because the Arkansas defense is just that bad. Luckily for them, their offense is as great as the defense is bad.

After the A&M loss to Appalachian State they pretty much need to be perfect from here on out to have the kind of season they hoped to have and I think that’s going to require opening up the playbook. Last week was Max Johnson’s first start and he should do well in this match-up now that he’s gotten his feet wet.

Arkansas/Texas A&M Over 50

Stanford vs. Washington Betting Tips:

Utah vs. Arizona State Betting Tips:

Simple question: Arizona State lost by 17+ to Eastern Michigan and Oklahoma State, how do you think they’ll do against Utah?

ASU fired Herm Edwards last week, but it was too little too late. That’s not going to save this season and another bad home loss should be on the way here.

After their one-point loss to Florida in week one, Utah has dominated the last two weeks and should make it a third here. This is likely the best team in the PAC12 and their defense should have another dominating performance to end the night.

Utah -15

Author: Phyllis Andrews